The Story

Kari Eso was in her early twenties when she was asked the question that changed her life.  The question was, “If money was not an object, if education was not an object, if time was not an object…what would you do with your life?”  She knew the answer right away – Kari wanted to be one of “those people” who told other people what to do with money.

Kari believes that passion to share finances with others is why she was put on the face of the earth.  Kari Eso has a truly unique way of engaging audiences by infusing her sense of humor into her teaching on financial principles.  Pastors, employers, women’s groups, community organizations and teachers all benefit from having her speak at their churches, businesses, functions and classrooms.


Ministers will appreciate how Kari Eso integrates Biblical truths with practical instruction regarding money.  Her sermons inspire congregants to place a higher value on budgeting, giving, investing and more.  As a Christian, Kari understands the value pastors place on their pulpit and she treats her church speaking engagements with the highest regard.


Employers will enjoy the increased morale that employees have because Kari Eso was made available to get answers to questions during their work day.  Employees will enjoy the convenience of being able to speak with Kari Eso onsite, without having to carve time out of their busy schedules. This employee benefit can be offered for a half day, full day, or multiple days.

Women’s Groups

Attend a workshop about finances from someone who understands how women are with money.  Spending an hour or two with Kari will give your group newfound confidence in personal financial matters.

Community Organizations

Hosting Kari Eso for a seminar in your local community not only empowers the attendees but gives them a renewed zeal to serve others with a wealth of knowledge.


Kari Eso is passionate about teaching others finances.  She was taught at a young age to budget and enjoys sharing this activity with others.  Invite Kari to drop by your classroom for events such as Career Day or on a regular lesson plan about money.

Kari is the owner of Cornerstone Financial Planning.  To speak with her about your personal finances in a one-on-one setting, visit that website or set up an appointment.